Project Survival is open!

Please join us this Saturday, May 30th at The Luggage Store for the opening of the Warfield Project Survival.
Opening: 7-10pm (and later).
Between 6th and 7th st on Market.

This is a night of art, music, and performances.
Everyone is welcome.

Warfield, Project Survival

The project is created by MFA and BFA students from the San Francisco Art Institute. The artists are students of artist and teacher Carlos Villa. Villa, The Luggage Store Gallery and David Addington, owner of the Warfield building, commissioned the project. The site, The Warfield building, is on the corner of Market and Sixth Street in San Francisco.
The project is comprised of sculptures, projections, LEDs and light installations in the windows of the building, on all nine stories.
The whole piece can be viewed from the street.

Here’s a Facebook page for the event.