Distilling Towards Magic

Michelle is leaving for Iceland on Sunday morning and we are still in the process of designing and sewing!

Every night, we go to our seamstress’, studio with the idea that we are going to finalize this or that design and what usually happens is that we walk out a few hours later with new ideas and different conclusions (or what appears as conclusions at the time) to each design.

It has been challenging for me to work this way because I create a vision, which is then altered in the clothing itself and through the feedback of our seamstress and Michelle. So that means:

More editing = more time designing = fewer hours ‘till liftoff.

But that said, it’s been a real schooling for me in keeping a mindset of “there are no problems, only solutions” and of course, each design gets better and better with time. Our three minds create this amazing synergy, and our finished garments make us literally bounce with excitement. Magic.

AND: We’re almost there!

Scrapped, reconfigured, abandoned, reborn...