Glam Shots

Here we can gaze upon Michelle donning Walrus dress #2, representing one of the animals in the fairytale Breaking My Spell.

This glamorous photo shoot was shot by the lovely Oddvar Örn Hjartarson.

Makeup by Ísak Freyr Helgason.

Walrus 2

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Breaking My Spell on Tv

On Friday the 19th, a couple of days before the performance, Michelle gave a Tv interview to talk about Breaking My Spell. You can see footage from the photo shoot that she was doing that day with photographer Oddvar Örn Hjartarson.

She appeared on the after-news-special Kastljos on the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service Tv channel.

Here is the clip.

(You need a Windows Media Player plugin to view the video).

The Invasion Has Begun

Michelle Morby left for Iceland on Sunday with half of the art posse; Peter Max Lawrence and Kirk Wilder, to work on Breaking My spell. Now they’re there: Michelle training, Peter Max documenting and Kirk keeping it all together. Plus they have to do about a hundred other things. Jenalee Harmon, our style and makeup guru, and I will be arriving soon. In fact, I will be there on Tuesday!

The outfits are ready and soon Michelle will do a photo shoot with very talented Oddvar Örn Hjartarson.

Here are some photos of the art posse:

Peter Max

About Michelle Morby

Breaking My Spell, the project that I am working on with artist and dear friend Michelle L. Morby is well under way. We have been doodling, drawing and drooling over fabrics and inspiration for the last few months and now we are seeing it all come together as our seamstress transforms my designs into actual outfits.

Michelle running with glee in one of our creations

I would like to tell you a few things about Michelle.

Born in Argentina and raised on the East Coast, Michelle has worked as an artist in many shapes and forms since 1998, as a performance artist, traveler, photographer and “lífskúnstner” (Icelandic for master of the art of joie de vivre). She is a graduate from the Speos Photographic Institute in Paris and the San Francisco Art Institute, where we met last spring.

Personal, humorous, visceral and sometimes sexy, Michelle’s work is worth your attention:

Michelle L. Morby – Home