Moving to New York – Bye Studio

I cleared out my studio a couple of days ago because my husband and I are in the process of moving from San Francisco to New York.

Tyler will work freelance in 3D media, amongst other things, and I will be seeking out art teaching positions while working on my art.

Bye bye, 3rd. Street studio…



Glam Shots

Here we can gaze upon Michelle donning Walrus dress #2, representing one of the animals in the fairytale Breaking My Spell.

This glamorous photo shoot was shot by the lovely Oddvar Örn Hjartarson.

Makeup by Ísak Freyr Helgason.

Walrus 2

See all nine photos here.

More photos from Breaking My Spell

Here you can see more photos from the performance on August 20th. Photos by Tyler Hurd.

Michelle getting ready to start the marathon in horse dress number 1.
Marching by the ocean in the puffin dress.
People cheering for Michelle in Walrus dress number 2.
Change stop. Michelle's wearing the fox dress and fox make up.
Kirk and Jenalee in outfits of their own creation. Note tandem bike!
Walrus dress number 4.
Michelle with her medallion!
The train on horse dress number 2.
Designer and muse, tired and proud.

An Interview About Breaking My Spell

Have you been itching to know more about what Breaking My Spell is all about? Here you can read a fairly long interview with me about the project, as I wax poetic about our work process and give (gasp!) information about the outfits.

Read the interview on Michelle´s blog.

Logo by Carissa Potter Carlson

Here´s what´s happening in the present moment:

As the clock ticks down to the debut of Breaking My Spell (this Saturday at 8:40 no less) things are becoming more hectic. I know the heat is rising at the Art Posse headquarters what with some unforeseen setbacks. To top it off, I have been laying in bed since Saturday with a cold and fever dreams.

But I am confident that all will go well nevertheless, because on other fronts, the art gods have been smiling down upon us.

Plus we rock.

Distilling Towards Magic

Michelle is leaving for Iceland on Sunday morning and we are still in the process of designing and sewing!

Every night, we go to our seamstress’, studio with the idea that we are going to finalize this or that design and what usually happens is that we walk out a few hours later with new ideas and different conclusions (or what appears as conclusions at the time) to each design.

It has been challenging for me to work this way because I create a vision, which is then altered in the clothing itself and through the feedback of our seamstress and Michelle. So that means:

More editing = more time designing = fewer hours ‘till liftoff.

But that said, it’s been a real schooling for me in keeping a mindset of “there are no problems, only solutions” and of course, each design gets better and better with time. Our three minds create this amazing synergy, and our finished garments make us literally bounce with excitement. Magic.

AND: We’re almost there!

Scrapped, reconfigured, abandoned, reborn...

About Michelle Morby

Breaking My Spell, the project that I am working on with artist and dear friend Michelle L. Morby is well under way. We have been doodling, drawing and drooling over fabrics and inspiration for the last few months and now we are seeing it all come together as our seamstress transforms my designs into actual outfits.

Michelle running with glee in one of our creations

I would like to tell you a few things about Michelle.

Born in Argentina and raised on the East Coast, Michelle has worked as an artist in many shapes and forms since 1998, as a performance artist, traveler, photographer and “lífskúnstner” (Icelandic for master of the art of joie de vivre). She is a graduate from the Speos Photographic Institute in Paris and the San Francisco Art Institute, where we met last spring.

Personal, humorous, visceral and sometimes sexy, Michelle’s work is worth your attention:

Michelle L. Morby – Home

Pictures from My Studio

Here are a few images from my lovely studio at the SFAI Graduate Center, at Third Street, in the Dogpatch area.

These were taken about a week ago, when I was still in the thick of preparing my project for the MFA Thesis Exhibition, Vernissage, at Fort Mason Center last Friday.

If you look closely, you can see my jacket hanging on the wall amongst the yards and yards of found fabrics.