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That’s right folks, I’m all professional now.

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Space Lodge Gig

I am in a band called Space Lodge. We had a gig at our Farewell San Francisco party on Saturday.

I sing, Daniel Lyon is on the keyboards, Matthew Bice on base, Drew Skillman on guitar and my husband, Tyler Hurd is on the Drums.


Dutch courage pre-show with my friend, artist Aaron Poser.


Dan and Tyler.


Dear Friends.


Matthew and Drew rippin’ it up.

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Moving to New York – Bye Studio

I cleared out my studio a couple of days ago because my husband and I are in the process of moving from San Francisco to New York.

Tyler will work freelance in 3D media, amongst other things, and I will be seeking out art teaching positions while working on my art.

Bye bye, 3rd. Street studio…


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Glam Shots

Here we can gaze upon Michelle donning Walrus dress #2, representing one of the animals in the fairytale Breaking My Spell.

This glamorous photo shoot was shot by the lovely Oddvar Örn Hjartarson.

Makeup by Ísak Freyr Helgason.

Walrus 2

See all nine photos here.

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More photos from Breaking My Spell

Here you can see more photos from the performance on August 20th. Photos by Tyler Hurd.

Michelle getting ready to start the marathon in horse dress number 1.

Marching by the ocean in the puffin dress.

People cheering for Michelle in Walrus dress number 2.

Change stop. Michelle's wearing the fox dress and fox make up.

Kirk and Jenalee in outfits of their own creation. Note tandem bike!

Walrus dress number 4.

Michelle with her medallion!

The train on horse dress number 2.

Designer and muse, tired and proud.

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Breaking My Spell on Tv

On Friday the 19th, a couple of days before the performance, Michelle gave a Tv interview to talk about Breaking My Spell. You can see footage from the photo shoot that she was doing that day with photographer Oddvar Örn Hjartarson.

She appeared on the after-news-special Kastljos on the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service Tv channel.

Here is the clip.

(You need a Windows Media Player plugin to view the video).

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Breaking My Spell Was a Success!

The performance was a success and a great point of pride for me and the Art Posse.

On Reykjavik Culture Night Michelle came in last in the Reykjavik Half Marathon, as she had planned, after six and a half hours of walking.

I will upload more photos and information soon, but for now let me just say:


The Spell is Broken!

Photo by Tyler Hurd.

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